Fu Fang Zhen Zhu An Chuang Pian Margarite Acne Pills - TCM Herbal Formula

  • English Name:  Margarite Acne Pills
  • Pinyin Name:  Fu Fang Zhen Zhu An Chuang Pian
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Fu Fang Zhen Zhu An Chuang Pian Ingredients

Below you will find the (8) Chinese Medicinal Herbs that are commonly used to create Fu Fang Zhen Zhu An Chuang Pian (in alphabetical order). You may click on the name of the herb for more details.

TCM HerbEnglish NameClinical FunctionsFunctional Group
Chi ShaoRed Peony Root
  • Invigorates blood, dispels stasis (stronger than Mu Dan Pi) - dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, abdominal pain and masses, traumatic pain associated with swelling, early stages of abscesses and boils.
  • Clears heat, cools the blood (especially for excess heat in the blood) - for heat entering the blood level with fever, purple tongue, skin blotches, bleeding, gyn issues.
  • Clears liver fire - for red swollen, painful eyes.
Herbs That Invigorate Blood
Dan ShenSalvia Root
  • Invigorate blood, break up blood stasis in lower abdomen - dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, palpable masses, lochioschesis, pain due to blood stasis, chest/epigastric pain, soreness in the ribs due to liver qi stagnation w/blood stasis.
  • Clear heat, soothe irritability - restlessness, irritability, insomnia due to heat entering the ying level.
Herbs That Invigorate Blood
Di Fu ZiBroom Cyprus Fruit
  • Clears damp heat, promotes urination - lin syndrome due to damp heat in the bladder.
  • Expels dampness, stops itching - damp skin disorders, eczema, scabies, damp-heat in the external genitals.
Herbs That Drain Dampness
Lian QiaoForsythia Fruit
  • Clear heat and toxins, dissipates nodules - carbuncles and hot sores, neck lumps.
  • Expel wind-heat - fever, slight chills, sore throat, headache.
Herbs That Clear Heat and Relieve Toxicity
Ling Yang JiaoAntelope Horn
  • Extinguishes wind, controls spasms and convulsions - spasms, convulsions, seizures, expecially in children with high fever.
  • Calms the liver, anchors the yang - for liver yang rising, dizziness, headache, red eyes, photophobia, spasms, convulsions.
  • Drains heat and fire - delirium, manic behavior, loss of consciousness, heat in the pericardium.
Herbs That Extinguish Wind and Stop Tremors
Pu Gong YingDandelion
  • Clears heat and relieves fire toxicity - any heat, especially liver heat with red, swollen, painful eyes.
  • Dissipates nodules and reduces abscesses - firm, hard sores, especially for breast and intestinal abscesses.
  • Promotes lactation - due to heat.
  • Clears heat, resolves damp - damp-heat jaundice, lin syndrome.
  • Often used for treating breast cancer in TCM
Herbs That Clear Heat and Relieve Toxicity
Zhen ZhuPearl
  • Sedates the heart - tremor, palpitations, seizures, childhood convulsions.
  • Clears the liver - blurred vision.
  • Promotes healing, generates flesh - ulcers of the gums or throat.
Herbs That Anchor, Settle and Calm The Spirit
Zi Hua Di DingYedeon's Violet
  • Clears heat and fire toxicity - hot swellings, red, swollen eyes, throat, and/or ears; mumps.
  • Clears hot sores - sores and abscesses of the head and/or back.
Herbs That Clear Heat and Relieve Toxicity

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