Gan Mao Ling Miraculous Cold Pills - TCM Herbal Formula

Gan Mao Ling Names

  • English Name: Miraculous Cold Pills
  • Pinyin Name: Gan Mao Ling
  • Chinese Character: 感冒靈丸

Gan Mao Ling Clinical Usages and Indications

  • Common cold and flu patterns, particularly at the early stages.
  • Can be used in lie of actual bacterial or viral infection as long as flu or cold like symptoms are manifest.

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Clinical Formula Combinations and Modifications

  • May be combined with yin qiao or in some cases yin qiao is a better fit than gan mao ling.

Gan Mao Ling Has 3 Ingredients

Ban Lan Gen

Huang Jing

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  • Siberian Solomon Seal Rhizome
    • Tonify spleen qi and yin - with poor appetite, fatigue, dry mouth, loss of taste, dry stool, dry red tongue.
    • Moistens the lungs - dry cough, little sputum due to lung qi and yin deficiency.
    • Tonify kidneys, strengthen jing - lower back pain/weakness, lightheadedness.
    • Xiao Ke.
  • Herbs That Tonify Qi

Ye Ju Hua

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