San Jin Wan Triple Gold Pills - TCM Herbal Formula

San Jin Wan Names

  • English Name: Triple Gold Pills
  • Pinyin Name: San Jin Wan
  • Alternate Names: Three Gold Pills
  • Chinese Character: 三金丸

San Jin Wan Clinical Usages and Indications

  • Painful/burning or diffulty urination possibly with increased urgency due to damp heat accumulation.
  • Dark or scanty urine.
  • Urinary stones.
  • Urinary tract infection.

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San Jin Wan Cautions

    Contraindication Notes:

    • Contraindicated during pregnancy.
    • Not suitable for long term use.

San Jin Wan Has 5 Ingredients

Dong Kui Zi

  • Musk Mallow Seeds
    • Promotes urination - lin syndromes (hot, xue, stone), edema without lin issues, constipation.
    • Benefits the breasts - insufficient lactation, painful swollen breasts, breast abscess.
    • Moisten and unblocks the bowels.
  • Herbs That Drain Dampness

Ji Nei Jin

Jin Qian Cao

  • Lysimachia, Whole Plant
    • Promotes urination, important herb for stone lin syndromes (also helps for other lin types).
    • Clears damp-heat in the liver and gallbladder - jaundice, red, swollen eyes.
    • Reduces toxicity and swelling - snakebit, abscess, traumatic injury.
  • Herbs That Drain Dampness

Jin Sha Teng

  • Japanese Fern
    • Useful for damp heat patterns in the lower warmer, stones in the urine (damp-heat obstruction / painful urination).
    • Eliminate fire toxins - sore throat, mumps.
    • Useful in some cases of high fevers in infants.
  • Herbs That Clear Heat and Relieve Toxicity
  • Cautions
    • Avoid during pregnancy.

Shi Wei

  • Pyrrosia Leaves
    • Promotes urination, drains damp-heat from the bladder - hot, stone, xue lin.
    • Clears heat and stops bleeding - vomiting, uterine bleeding.
    • Clears the lungs, expels phlegm, relieves cough - lung heat, wheezing.
  • Herbs That Drain Dampness

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