Names Of Si Ni Tang Wan


Si Ni Tang Wan TCM Herbal Formula

  • English Name: Frigid Extremities Formula
  • Pinyin Name: Si Ni Tang Wan
  • Chinese Character: 四逆汤丸
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How Is Si Ni Tang Wan Categorized?

Si Ni Tang Wan Functional Groupings

There Are 3 Formulas In Our Warm Interior Cold Category

How Is Si Ni Tang Wan Used Clinically?

Si Ni Tang Wan Usages and Indications

  • Aversion to cold, very cold limbs, sensations of deep cold, fatigue, lethary resulting from kidney yang deficiency.
  • Diarrhea with undigested food, vomiting, abdominal pain.

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Kidney Yang Deficiency

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What Are Some Common Combinations For Si Ni Tang Wan?

Clinical Formula Combinations and Modifications

Si Ni Tang Wan Has 3Ingredients

Fu Zi

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Prepared Aconite Root

Appears in the Herbs That Warm the Interior and Expel Cold category


  • Restores devastated yang - extreme cold limbs with abundant cold symptoms.
  • Assists heart yang to unblock vessels and improve circulation, tonifies kidney yang to augment fire and avoid loss of the basal yang.
  • Warms fire and assists yang - any problem associated with weak heart, spleen, and/or kidneys.
  • Disperses cold, warms the channels, alleviates pain - wind-damp-cold bi, cold blocking organs, channels, sinews, bones or blood vessels.

This formula has cautions, see details

Gan Jiang

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Dried Ginger Root

Appears in the Herbs That Warm the Interior and Expel Cold category


  • Warms the middle and expels cold - warms spleen and stomach both in conditions of excess due to externally contacted cold, as well as cold from deficiency due to yang qi deficiency.
  • Rescues devastated yang, expels interior cold - very weak pulse and cold limbs.
  • Warms the lungs and transforms phlegm - lung cold with thin, watery or white sputum.
  • Warms the channels, stops bleeding - hemorrhage of various types, especially for uterine bleeding (must be due to cold - chronic and pale in color, with cold limbs, soggy pulse).

Zhi Gan Cao

Honey Fried Licorice Root

Appears in the Herbs That Tonify Qi category


  • This preparation increases the qi tonifying aspects of the heart and spleen along with its general harmonizing function within formulas.  See Gan Cao for complete information.

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