Names Of Suo Quan Wan


Suo Quan Wan TCM Herbal Formula

  • English Name: Shut The Sluice Pills
  • Pinyin Name: Suo Quan Wan
  • Alternate Names: Suo Quan Ye Niao Wan, Li Zhi Ye Niao Wan, Ye Niao Wan, Restrict The Fountain Pill, Pills For Enuresis
  • Chinese Character: 缩泉丸
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How Is Suo Quan Wan Categorized?

Suo Quan Wan Functional Groupings

There Are 4 Formulas In Our Stabilize and Bind Category

How Is Suo Quan Wan Used Clinically?

Suo Quan Wan Usages and Indications

  • Frequent, clear and prolonged urination with difficulty restraining - along with other kidney deficiency signs.
  • Bedwetting in children in many cases, not necessarily just from deficiency.  

Conditions and Patterns Potentially Related With Suo Quan Wan

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Suo Quan Wan Has 3Ingredients

Yi Zhi Ren

Black Cardamon

Appears in the Herbs That Tonify Yang category


  • Warms the kidneys, retains essence, holds urine - spermatorrhea, frequent and copious urine, urinary incontinence, dribbling urine.
  • Warms the spleen, stops diarrhea - cold spleen or stomach patterns with diarrhea, cold abdominal pain, excess salivation, thick/bad taste in the mouth.

Wu Yao

Lindera Root

Appears in the Herbs That Regulate The Qi category


  • Promotes the movement of Qi, alleviates pain by warming and dispersing - flank, chest, epigastric, abdominal pain, hernia, menstrual pains due to cold constraint and qi stagnation.
  • Warms the kidneys - frequent urination or incontinence due to kidney yang deficiency and cold from deficiency of the bladder.

Shan Yao

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Chinese Yam

Appears in the Herbs That Tonify Qi category


  • Tonify the spleen and stomach qi - diarrhea, fatigue, spontaneous sweating, lack of appetite.
  • Tonify the lung qi and yin - chronic cough/wheezing.
  • Strengthen the kidney yin and yang - not hot nor cold, benefits both yin and yang, xiao ke, also binds the jing - spermatorrhea, vaginal discharge, frequent urination.

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