Names Of Xiang Lian Wan


Xiang Lian Wan TCM Herbal Formula

  • English Name: Aucklandia and Coptis Pills
  • Pinyin Name: Xiang Lian Wan
  • Alternate Names: Jiang Wei Xiang Lian Wan, Jia Wei Xiang Lian Wan, Cyperus and Zedoaria Pill, Saussurea and Coptis Pills
  • Chinese Character: 香连丸
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How Is Xiang Lian Wan Categorized?

There Are 23 Formulas In Our Clear Heat Category

How Is Xiang Lian Wan Used Clinically?

Xiang Lian Wan Usages and Indications

  • Diarrhea expecially with bright blood or mucus and foul smelling resuling from damp heat.
  • Nausea, abdominal cramps or bloating, with possible loss of appetite from damp accumulation.
  • Vomitting, hiccups, excessive belching, acid reflux due to rebellious stomach qi and heat.
  • The modifications in Jia Wei Xiang Lian Wan add more movement and stronger heat clearing from the base.

Cautions and Contraindications

  • Use with caution during pregnancy.
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Conditions and Patterns Potentially Related With Xiang Lian Wan

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What Are Some Common Combinations For Xiang Lian Wan?

Clinical Formula Combinations and Modifications

Xiang Lian Wan Has 2Ingredients

Huang Lian

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Coptis Rhizome

Appears in the Herbs That Clear Heat and Dry Dampness category


  • Drains fire, relieves toxicity - high fever, irritability, disorientation, delirium, painful, red eyes, red tongue, sore throat, boils, carbuncles, abscesses.
  • Clears heat, drains dampness - for damp-heat in the stomach or intestine, diarrhea or dysenteric disorder, vomiting and/or acid regurgitation due to stomach heat.
  • Clears heart fire - irritability, insomnia.
  • Clears heat and stops bleeding - nosebleed, blood in the urine, stool, vomiting due to hot blood.
  • Topically for red, painful eyes and ulcerations of the tongue and mouth.

Mu Xiang

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Costus Root

Appears in the Herbs That Regulate The Qi category


  • Promotes the movement of Qi, alleviates pain - stagnant qi of the stomach and/or spleen causing lack of appetite, abdominal pain, distention, nausea; liver or gallbladder qi stagnation causing flank pain, distention.
  • Regulates stagnated Qi in the intestines - diarrhea, abdominal pain (common herb to treat tenesmus).
  • Strengthens the spleen and prevents stagnation, used with tonifying herbs to reduce side effects.

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