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Within Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs are divided into many categorizations which help to ensure they are used effectively. Below you will find herbs categorized by the meridians, or channels, that the herbs will influence. When preparing formulas for a given condition you may use herbs that either effect a particular meridian or organ directly or herbs that will help lead the properties of other herbs into a particular channel.

For example, you may want an herbal formula that cools lung heat for a cough. You can use herbs that are directly cooling on the lungs or a combination of herbs that are cooling and have a strong influence on leading that property of the herbs to the lungs.

You may also use herbs to protect a certain channel or organ system from side effects of stronger herbs that you are using to treat a particular condition.

Listed below are the channels influenced along with the number of herbs within each meridian that are contained in our tcm herbal database.

373 TCM Herbs Listed By The Channels They Influence

Below is a table of the Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs categorized by the channels they influence. You may click on a channel to view the names and functions of each individual herb as well as to learn more about the channel influences. You may also view the herbs categorized by properties and functions.

Channel InfluencedNum of Herbs
Gall Bladder22
Large Intestine69
Small Intestine21
Triple Heater5
Urinary Bladder43

Some Herbs To Peruse...

Ma Chi Xian Purslane, Portulaca

  • Clears fire toxicity and cools the blood - damp-heat of fire toxin dysentery, hot or bloody lin syndrome.
  • Clears damp-heat and treats sores - fire toxin carbuncles or sores, as well as red and white vaginal discharge.
  • Antidote for wasp stings and snakebites.

Functional Grouping


Channels Influenced

Ye Ming Sha Bat Feces

  • Clears liver and improves vision - night blindness, cataracts.
  • Childhood nutritional impairment.

Functional Grouping


Channels Influenced

Cong Bai Spring Onion

  • Releases exterior, induces sweating (early stages of wind-cold)
  • Disperses cold, unblocks yang - abdominal pain, nasal congestion
  • Apply topically for dispersing masses - abscesses, sores, etc.

Functional Grouping


Channels Influenced

Bei Xie Dioscorea Root

  • Separates the pure from the turbid - cloudy urine and leukorrhea, either from damp-heat or deficiency.
  • Expels wind damp (cold and hot bi syndromes), relaxes the sinews.
  • Damp-heat - skin disorders (eczema, pustular sores).

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Channels Influenced

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