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Wang Bu Liu Xing Names

  • English Name: Vaccaria Seeds
  • Pinyin Name: Wang Bu Liu Xing

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Wang Bu Liu Xing Cautions

Wang Bu Liu Xing Clinical Usages and Indications

  • Invigorate blood and channels - upper body - promote lactation, lower body - unblocks menses, amenorrhea due to blood stasis.
  • Swelling - breast or testicular swellings with pain.

Wang Bu Liu Xing Dosage and Prep Notes

  • Dosage: 3-9g

Wang Bu Liu Xing Appears In 3 Formulas

Pian Tou Tong Wan

Shao Fu Zhu Yu Wan

  • Abdominal Stasis Relief Pills
    • Qi and blood stagnation in the lower jiao - lower abdominal masses, fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis.
    • Fertility issues in both men and women with the right underlying signs - amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, irregular cycles, uterine bleeding.
    • Can be used to dispel ectopic pregnancy.
    • Ulcerative colitis, urinary stones.
  • Invigorate the Blood
  • Invigorate the Blood and Dispel Blood Stasis
  • Cautions
  • Pregnancy
    • Avoid during pregnancy.
    • Not generally applicable to heavy menstrual bleeding coming from deficiency.

Xiao Huo Luo Wan

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