Xi Xin Chinese Wild Ginger - Chinese Herbal Medicine

Xi Xin Names

  • English Name: Chinese Wild Ginger
  • Pinyin Name: Xi Xin

Xi Xin Image

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Xi Xin Cautions

    Contraindication Notes:

    • Avoid in Qi Deficiency w/profuse sweating
    • Avoid in yin deficient cough
    • Avoid in blood deficiency headaches

Xi Xin Clinical Usages and Indications

  • Supporting herb for exterior cold, useful when primary symptoms are head/body aches, particularly with dampness and/or KD Yang Deficiency
  • Dispels wind, disperses cold, alleviates pain
  • Transforms phlegm - wind-cold w/cough
  • Unblocks Qi - nasal congestion

Xi Xin Dosage and Prep Notes

  • Dosage: 1-3g

Xi Xin Appears In 1 Formula

Wu Mei Wan

  • Mume Fruit Pill
    • Generally used with roundworms - abdominal pain, irritability, stifled chest w/heat, vomiting after eating, cold hands and/or feet.  
    • Chronic diarrhea, IBS, or other digestive disorders characterized by both heat and cold.
  • Expel Parasites

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