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Five Phase Treatments - Balance the Yang Meridians - Step Three - TJM Theory

Step three of the Five Phase Treatment Protocol is to balance the Yang meridians. The appropriate yang meridians to treat are selected based on the pulse diagnosis as described below.

You should first treat the most deficient yang pulse (tonification) and then treat the most excess yang pulse (dispersion). It is possible to have either no yang pulse imbalances or only one clear deficient or excess pulse. If that is the case you should treat accordingly.

Use #1 or smaller needles for tonification and #2 or larger needles for dispersion. Treat on the pulse side of the chosen meridian, retaining the needle(s) for 1-2 minutes for tonification and 20-30 seconds for dispersion.

  • Right Side Pulses and Treatment Points
  • LI - Tonify LI 11 or Disperse LI 6
  • ST - Tonify ST 36 or Disperse ST 40
  • TH - Tonify TH 4 or Disperse TH 5
  • Left Side Pulses and Treatment Points
  • SI - SI 7 Tonify or Disperse
  • GB - GB 37 Tonify or Disperse
  • UB - UB 58 Tonify or Disperse

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