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10 Stem and 12 Branches Japanese Acupuncture Protocol - TJM Theory

The 10 Stem and 12 Branches Japanese acupuncture protocol is part of our Circadian, or "Chinese Clock" treatment section. The circadian treatments are grounded in the same theory as the Five Phase and Extraordinary Vessel treatments.

  • Open Point Treatments
  • Theory from Dr. Manaka
  • 10 and 60 day cycles
  • 10 Day Points are more useful for Psycho-emotional issues:
    • Fire Element - Spirit/Shen
    • Earth Element - Thought/Yi (opinions, thoughts)
    • Metal Element - Instinct/Po (automatic systems), Yin/Mother
    • Water Element - Will/Zhi (ideas, goals)
    • Wood Element - Courage/Hun, Yang/Father
  • Open Point Calculations
    • Use Stem and Branch Charts to calculate the open points
    • Example:
      • Open Point for November 18, 2002
      • Year 2002 (according to chart) = S6-B6
      • November - 11th month (according to chart) = 3 3
      • Add these together = S9-B9 (if you go over S10 or B12 you start at 1 again and keep counting)
      • 18th Day of the month = 18 18
      • Add these together = S7-B3
      • Look up result (S7-B3) in chart
        • 10 day point from 7-9a = LI 1
        • 60 day cycle from 7-9a = TH 5

Sources and More Information

The information on our site is drawn from our own lecture notes and clinical experience. The following lecture notes were used within this section:

  • Feldman, Marty: New England School of Acupuncture, Five Phase Techniques Lecture Notes
  • Iuliano, Diane: New England School of Acupuncture, Extraordinary Vessel Techniques Lecture Notes
  • Kuwahara, Koei: New England School of Acupuncture, Advanced Japanese Techniques Lecture Notes

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