Tam Healing and Tong Ren Therapy Theory

Tam Healing System and Tong Ren Therapy - Huatuo Jiaji System - Tam Healing

The Tam Healing system and Tong Ren Therapy utilize a range of Traditional Chinese Medicine theories along with modern Western understanding to improve the effect of acupuncture, massage, and energy healing treatments.

One large part of our system is the use of the huatuo jiaji (or, simply "huatuo") points. The huatuo jiaji system is an older TCM system designed by a famous Chinese physician, Dr. Hua Tuo (110 AD to ~207 AD). We use the system in large part because of the close matching with modern western understandings of nerve pathways and function. The name "jia ji" means lining the spine and the points are right next to the spine, as opposed to the bladder meridian which has two channels further out from the spine. In technical terms the points are 0.3-0.5 cun (acupuncture body inches) from the lower border of the spinous process of each vertebrae.

The vertebrae are separated into the cervical ("C" - neck), thoracic ("T" - upper back), lumbar ("L" - lower back), and sacral ("S" - sacrum) regions.

Below you will find the location and functions of the huatuo jiaji points as we use them within our system:

  • dr_huatuo.jpgCervical Vertebrae (Neck)
  • C1 - [Top of the Head]
  • C2 - [Forehead]
  • C3 - [Eye, Sinus, Ear]
  • C4 - [Mouth, Cheek Chin]
  • C5 - [Larynx, Pharynx]
  • C6 - [Thyroid Gland]
  • C7 - [Parathyroid Gland]
  • Thoracic Vertebrae (Upper and Mid Back)
  • T1 - [Windpipe, Bone Marrow]
  • T2 - [Bronchus, Thymus Gland]
  • T3 - [Lung, Lymph]
  • T4 - [Breast, Sweat Gland, Hair Follicle]
  • T5 - [Heart (L), Pericardium (R)]
  • T6 - [Diaphragm]
  • T7 - [Spleen (L), Abdominal Blood Vessel (R)]
  • T8 - [Esophagus (L), Pancreas (R)]
  • T9 - [Stomach (L), Liver (R)]
  • T10 - [Gall Bladder (L), Bile Duct (R)]
  • T11 - [Small Intestine]
  • T12 - [Transverse Colon]
  • Lumbar Vertebrae (Low Back)
  • L1 - [Adrenal Gland, Testis, Vagina]
  • L2 - [Kidney, Seminal Vesicle, Uterus]
  • L3 - [Prostate, Ovary]
  • L4 - [Large Intestine]
  • L5 - [Descending Colon]
  • Sacral Area
  • S1 - [Ureter]
  • S2 - [Urinary Bladder]
  • S3 - [External Genitals]
  • S4 - [Urinary Tract]
  • S5 - [Rectum]

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