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The Tam Healing System is a system of acupuncture, bodywork, and healing based on both TCM and Western Medicine concepts as well as decades of clinical experience. One well known aspect of the system is the Tong Ren Therapy energy healing technique which can be used by practitioners and lay people for self-help or to help heal others.

This section of the site is focused on exploring the aspects of the system which may be of more interest to practitioners of acupuncture and/or bodywork - or other systems of energy healing. The system is unique in that it offers a precise theoretical framework and treatment areas/points for many conditions. An understanding of the system and areas to focus on often increases the success of treatments, regardless of modality.

The developer and founder of the system is Master Tom Tam. Master Tam is a prominent healer, energy worker and acupuncturist based in Boston Massachusetts with decades of experience in the treatment of complicated medical conditions. Over his years of clinical experience, Master Tam has developed these theories and techniques which have proven helpful in treating a very wide range of cases.

Master Tam's primary focus in his trainings and writings is energy healing, although he maintains a very busy acupuncture practice. The theory and points given for Tong Ren Therapy, however, can equally be applied towards acupuncture and/or bodywork to increase the clinical effectiveness of those therapies. He rarely offers training on his acupuncture techniques, so this exploration is largely based on my understandings after following him around in his clinic for many years along with applying the techniques in my own practice.

The history of the system lies in Master Tam's search for clinically effective and reproducible results for complex medical conditions, most notably cancer. Over the years, the system has been expanded to treat a very broad range of conditions.

The links below will lead you to more information about the system from a theoretical/practitioner perspective (this section is currently under active development):

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