Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis - Stomach Rebellious Qi

Below you will find theoretical and clinical applications information related to stomach rebellious qi. We have created associations based on clinical experience that lead to possible treatment approaches with acupuncture points, individual herbs, TCM formulas, and more.

Stomach Rebellious Qi - Basics

Pattern usually appears with ST a/or other organ patterns and is related to the ST not descending the Qi, regurgitation, belching, hiccups, vomiting.

Tongue Diagnosis


Tongue Dx

Pulse Diagnosis


Pulse Dx

23 Points Are Empirically Important For Stomach Rebellious Qi

Potential Formulas For The Treatment Of Stomach Rebellious Qi

The following 4 TCM Formulas are empirically related to the treatment of Stomach Rebellious Qi





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    Stomach Rebellious Qi - Conditions and Other Possible TCM Diagnoses

    The Chinese Medicine treatment of stomach rebellious qi generally involves being certain that this pattern is the proper diagnosis. Each pattern may have multiple conditions and each condition may arise from one or more patterns (see treating the cause and not the symptoms).

    The following 3 conditions may arise from stomach rebellious qi . Each condition is listed with other possible patterns to expand diagnostic possibilities.

    ConditionsOther Possible Patterns
    Abdominal Pain· Stomach Food Stagnation · Stomach Fire · Stomach Cold · Stomach Qi Deficiency · Blood Stagnation 
    Morning Sickness· Liver and Gallbladder Damp Heat · Lung Dampness - Phlegm Cold · Spleen Invasion - Cold Damp · Stomach Cold 
    Motion Sickness· Heart Blood Deficiency · Spleen Qi Deficiency · Stomach Dampness 

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