TCM Diagnostic Patterns

Intro To TCM Diagnostic Patterns

Below are links to relationship and treatment details for many common Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnostic patterns as they are used with acupuncture, herbs, and/or other aspects of Chinese Medicine. Generally in Chinese Medicine theory, the condition (i.e. the patients specific issues or symptoms) is not what treatment is based on. As symptoms/issues may arise from differing causes or a complex relationship of multiple causes, treating "conditions" will generally lead to poor treatment results. For more on this, please read "What Does Acupuncture Treat? or treating the cause and not the symptoms".

Of utmost importance in Chinese Medicine is using a range of diagnostic procedures, most notably the tongue and the pulse, to arrive at the TCM diagnostic pattern - or the description of how the persons issues came to be. This pattern helps illuminate what treatment options are available and what path to follow to resolution.

If you are entirely new to TCM diagnoses, a series of articles posted on our blog serve to illuminate the major systems and related patterns in the body:

TCM Diagnostic Patterns

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