Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Protocols

Acupuncture for Lung and Respiratory Related Issues

The lung meridian is used clinically for a broad range of respiratory disorders. Below are some of the more common clinical indications for points along the meridian.

  • LU 11 - High fever.
  • LU 10 - LU heat, not as strong as LU 11.
  • LU 9 - Tonify LU Qi, scatter cold/stop cough.
  • LU 7 - Circulate and Descend the LU Qi, combine with KD 6 (Yin Qiao/Ren Mai) to nourish KD/LU Yin.
  • LU 6 - Xi-Cleft point, acute severe disorders, acute asthma, coughing Blood.
  • LU 5 - Disperse & Descend LU Qi, good for conditions in the chest, whereas LU 7 is better for conditions up higher in the body.
  • LU 3 - Emotional issues, sadness a/or grief.
  • LU 1 - Move LU channel, nourish yin, resolve excess in the chest.

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