Tam Healing and Tong Ren Therapy for Sleep Apnea

Tam Healing and Tong Ren Protocols

The areas and points listed below are those that are commonly found blocked in adults and children with "Sleep Disorders (Sleep Apnea)" and related issues. The system focuses on the scalp and Huatuojiaji points along the spine. You may use acupuncture, massage and/or the tong ren to focus on the following areas for healing. For details about the system consider reading the Tom Tam Healing System textbook. A full list of conditions with treatment points is available in A Lazy Bum's Healing: Tong Ren Therapy Cross Reference - both are available in our book store:

Main Points: C3 huatuo, T7 huatuo (Left), UB 9, GV 17, GV 22, GB 8, KD 24

Secondary Points: KD 1, LV 3, KD 25, SI 16, ST 11, KD 23

Main Treatment Points Details

C3 Huatuo

T7 Huatuo

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  • T7 Huatuo Sides of Spine at T7
    • T7 (Left) innervates the spleen and is an important point for any blood related issues - both in terms of circulation but also in terms of disease.  Due to the role in body fluids and blood a range of issues that are more prominent at night may be indicated, insomnia, frequent nighttime urination, dream disturbed sleep and/or nightmares.  Used for esophageal issues and a range of digestive issues.  Also influences the circulation into the lower back and legs, so any issues with legs, swelling, weakness, etc. and as a secondary point for back pain.
    • T7 (Right) influences the abdominal blood vessel - used for a range of circulatory issues including raynaud's syndrome, hand and/or feet that are too hot or too cold or vasculate between the two abdnormally.  Also any systemic diseases that travel in or involves the blood, AIDS/HIV, leukemia, anemia, etc.  More strongly influences digestion and issues that are stronger from noon through the afternoon.
    • Used extensively within the Tam Healing System and Tong Ren Therapy. May be needled and used with tuina and/or tonren therapy.

UB 9

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  • UB 9  Jade Pillow
    • Expels wind-cold - nasal congestion, chills and fever, headaches from wind.
    • Occipital headaches and/or neck pain, heavy head.
    • Eye pain and/or redness, blurry vision.
    • Unbalanced temperature/sweating - cold sensation in head with sweats, or no sweating in heat disease.
    • Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Used to effect the cerebellum (muscle coordination, equilibrium). Useful for stroke recovery, ALS, MS, Parkinson's, etc.

GV 17

  • GV 17  Brain's Door
    • Neck/Cervical issues, pain a/or stiffness of the neck, heaviness of the head, headache, dizziness.
    • Epilepsy, mania, lockjaw, loss of voice.
    • Eye pain, excessive lacrimation.
    • Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Used to effect the medulla functions (heart, lung, blood vessel issues), useful for palpitations, asthma/shortness of breath, multiple sclerosis, lou gehrig's, muscular dystrophy.  

GV 22

  • GV 22  Fontanel Meeting
    • Nasal issues - congestion, olfactory problems (i.e. distinguishing smells), nosebleed, polyps.
    • Headaches, primarily from wind in the Chinese Medicine sense of the term, dizziness, vertigo.
    • Psychological issues, particularly related to fear a/or fright, panic attacks, palpitations.
    • Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Used to effect brain and scalp issues, useful for brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, lou gehrig's. Also helpful for improving focus in children (ADD/ADHD).  

GB 8

  • GB 8  Valley Lead
    • Migraine, one-sided or unilateral headaches and associated nausea, vomiting a/or visual disturbances.
    • Hangover, eases headache and harmonizes the middle jiao.
    • In the Bronze Man this point is indicated for cold & phlegm in the Diaphragm & ST, injury by alcohol & agitation & fullness with ceaseless vomiting

KD 24

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  • KD 24  Spirit Ruins
    • Local Point, generally useful for cough, chest tension, constricted breathing.
    • Breast distention - moves qi stagnation in the chest.
    • Palpitations, abdominal bloating, panic attacks arising from digestive issues.

Secondary Treatment Points Details

KD 1

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  • KD 1  Gushing Spring
    • Descends excess from above, useful for LV Yang Rising or LV Fire - headaches, tinnitus, hypertension, epilepsy.
    • Cooling KD empty heat - chronic sore throat, dry mouth, low back pain.
    • Tonify KD/HT Yin - insomnia, palpitations, anxiety, poor memory, mania, rage w/desire to kill, hot flashes, night sweats.
    • Loss of consciousness, yang collapse.
    • Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Used to descend the energy in the body particularly after qi gong exercises, energy healing sessions, etc. Useful for headache, nausea, insomnia, etc.

LV 3

  • LV 3  Great Surge
    • Generally, resolves stagnation and tonifies Yin - balancing for all LV pathologies.
    • LV Qi Stagnation / LV Yang Rising - headaches, dizziness, canker sores.
    • Eye issues - blurred vision, red, swollen, painful eyes.
    • Menstrual issues from Deficient Blood, Yin, Qi a/or LV Qi Stagnation - dysmennorrhea, amenorrhea, PMS, breast tenderness.
    • Genital issues - pain/swelling, hernia, impotence, semianl emission.
    • Stagnation in the middle warmer - subcostal tension, chest/flank pain, swellings in the axillary region.
    • Digestive issues from LV attacking ST/SP - nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea w/ undigested food.
    • Calming point - anger, irritability, insomnia, anxiety.
    • With LI 4, four gates treatment - powerfully effects the flow of Qi and Blood in the body.
    • Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Important point to descend energy in the body, generally used after qi gong exercises, energy healing sessions, etc. Helps to avoid qi gong sickness (or running fire) where energy is stuck in the upper part of the head/body and causes issues such as shortness of breath, psychological issues, headache, etc.

KD 25

SI 16

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  • SI 16  Celestial Windows
    • Both SI 16 & SI 17 are Window of the Sky Points and are useful for throat distention, swelling, goiters, lumps in neck a/or throat, voice issues.
    • Ear issues - tinnitus, deafness, pain.
    • Local point for neck and/or shoulder problems.
    • Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Used to effect the circulation within the vertebral artery and the occipital artery.  Useful for occipital headache, alzheimer's, brain tumors, dyslexia, MS, and many brain issues related to circulation. Often used with Tian Dong as a starting point. 
    • Falls into the category of Window of the Sky points within the Tam Healing system.  

ST 11

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  • ST 11  Qi Abode
    • Local point - sore/swollen throat - counterflow qi, cough, hiccups, reflux.
    • Neck pain - pain, inability to turn neck.
    • Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Main point to open the circulation of the common carotid artery.  Useful for conditions such as acid reflux, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, etc. 
    • Falls into the category of Window of the Sky points within the Tam Healing system.

KD 23

Tong Ren Info and Healing Classes

Tong Ren Therapy is a form of energy healing developed by the prominent Boston area acupuncturist and healer, Master Tom Tam. Tong Ren was originally developed to aid in the treatment of cancer, but has been extended to treat a broad range of conditions.

Live video broadcasts and local healing classes are now offered around the world. Our live video class is offered weekly and offers a "q/a" function for submitting healing requests, others are available at A complete list of classes in your area can be found within this Tong Ren Classes listing.

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