CV 17 - Acupuncture Point - Dan Zhong

  • English Name:  Chest Center
  • Pinyin Name:  Dan Zhong
  • Chinese Character:  膻中
  • Level with the 4th ICS, midway between the nipples.
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  • Main point for tonification of the upper warmer.
  • Hui Meeting Point of the Qi - tonify and move the Qi of the body.
  • Chronic lung issues - cough, asthma, SOB, diaphragmatic pain.
  • Breast issues - insufficient lactation, mastitis.
  • Chest/Throat issues (rattling in throat w/asthma, difficulty swallowing, palpitations), counterflow Qi problems - guides the Qi downwards.
  • Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Important point for overall Qi (energy) in the body, useful for asthma.  

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The (CV) Conception Vessel Meridian has 24 points:

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