ST 1 - Acupuncture Point - Chengqi

  • English Name:  Tear Container
  • Pinyin Name:  Chengqi
  • Chinese Character:  承泣
  • Below the pupil, between the eyeball and the infraorbital ridge.
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  • Any eye issue, although ST 2 is a good alternative and arguably safer to needle.
  • Excessive lacrimation, redness, dryness, painful a/or itchy eyes/eyelids, twitching of the eyelids.
  • Visual disturbances, night blindness.

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The (ST) Stomach Meridian has 45 points:

Nearby Acupuncture Points and Usages

GraphicPointClinical Functions
UB 2
Bamboo Gathering
  • Local point for sinus congestion a/or headache.
  • Red, itchy, watery eyes - allergies.
  • Use in facial massage for headaches with GB 20, ST 8, LI 4, and UB 60.
  • Glaucoma, night blindness, blurry and/or weak vision.
  • Generally, needle towards UB 1 for eye disease or Yuyao for supraorbital pain.


(EX) Yintang
Hall of Seal
  • Calms the spirit - insomnia, anxiety, stress.
  • Frontal headache.
  • Sinus issues - congestion, sinusitis.
  • Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Eye and sinus issues, useful point for building the energy in the head during qi gong.

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