ST 44 - Acupuncture Point - Neiting

  • English Name:  Inner Court
  • Pinyin Name:  Neiting
  • Chinese Character:  内庭
  • Proximal to the web margin between the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal bones, in a depression distal and lateral to the 2nd metatarsodigital joint.
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  • Ying Spring Point - Clears heat from the channel and organ - febrile disease with absence of sweating. 
  • Useful for issues of the Face & Jaw along with LI 4 - toothache, facial pain, bell's palsy, stroke, sore throat, eye pain.
  • Damp Heat in the intestines - diarrha, dysentary, distention, abominal pain, constipation, GERD.
  • Interior heat that presents with cold signs - Feel hot but hands/feet are cold or Red tongue w/cold extremities.
  • Local point for pain and/or swelling of the dorsum of the foot.

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The (ST) Stomach Meridian has 45 points:

Nearby Acupuncture Points and Usages

GraphicPointClinical Functions


LV 2
Moving Between
  • Generally, clears LV Fire - extreme irritability, red face/eyes/tongue.
  • Clears Heat from the Lower Jiao - burning urination.
  • Useful for "true heat, false cold" - lack of Qi flow to the extremities (cold hands/feet).


GB 43
Pinched Ravine
  • Ying Spring Point - clears heat from the entire channel.
  • Effects opposite end of the channel - headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, eye a/or ear pain.
  • GB Damp Heat stagnations in the channel - swelling in axillary region, lateral costal pain, breast abscesses, knee pain


(EX) Bafeng
Eight Winds
  • Foot issues - pain, swelling, numbness.
  • Mentioned in the Ling Shu for malaria

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