TH 10 - Acupuncture Point - Tianjing

  • English Name:  Celestial Well
  • Pinyin Name:  Tianjing
  • Chinese Character:  天井
  • 1 cun superior to the olecranon process in a depression with elbow flexed.
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  • Transforms phlegm, reduce lymph swellings, thyroid disorders.
  • Elbow pain, tendonitis.
  • One-sided headache, migraines.
  • Useful for depression a/or anxiety, especially with chest pain or oppression, angina a/or palpitations.
  • Epilepsy (phlegm obstruction), possibly mania as well.
  • Differentiation:
  • TH 5 is for headache anywhere whereas TH 10 is specifically for one-sided headaches

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The (TH) Triple Heater Meridian has 23 points:

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