Names Of Shen Ting

GV 24 Acupuncture Point

  • English Name: Spirit Court
  • Pinyin Name: Shen Ting
  • Chinese Character: 神庭
Meridian Information

Where Is GV 24 ?

GV 24 Location

What Is GV 24 Used For?

GV 24 Clinical Usages

  • Local point for frontal headache, chronic sinusitis, nosebleeds, nasal discharge, excessive tearing.
  • Psychological issues with anxiety/mania as a main symptom - anxiety, panic attacks, fear, add, manic depression.
  • Epilepsy, dizziness.
  • Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Effects the cranial nerve system, useful for all issues related to the cranial nerves, TMJ, vertigo.  
  • Differentiation: GV 23 is more for nose problems whereas GV 24 is more for headaches.  

There Are 28 Points Along The (GV) Governing Vessel Meridian ...

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How Is GV 24 Categorized?

GV 24 Acupuncture Point Associations

  • Intersection Point of the Governing Vessel, Urinary Bladder & Stomach Channels

Where Do I Go Next?

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