Names Of Er Jian

LI 2 Acupuncture Point

  • English Name: Second Space
  • Pinyin Name: Er Jian
  • Chinese Character: 二間
Meridian Information

Where Is LI 2 ?

LI 2 Location

  • On the radial side of the index finger distal to the 2nd metacarpophalangeal joint in a depression at the border of the red and white skin.
  • For point location tips, read our meridian notes; unsure about "cun" measurements, read what is a cun?.

What Is LI 2 Used For?

LI 2 Clinical Usages

  • Shown to increase saliva production and to effect the areas of the brain involved in saliva production. Useful for dry mouth (xerostomia).
  • LI 2 & LI 3 are not used often clinically as LI 4 & LI 11 have broader applications.
  • Sedation Point and Ying Spring Point, treats excess and clears heat from opposite end of the channel, for toothache, eye redness and pain, gum inflammation, sore throat.  

There Are 20 Points Along The (LI) Large Intestine Meridian ...

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How Is LI 2 Categorized?

LI 2 Acupuncture Point Associations

What Conditions May Use LI 2 ?

This point along with others in a proper point prescription may be used to balance the following Conditions / Symptoms:

For more on this, read "What Does Acupuncture Treat?" and "Point Prescription Guidelines".

What Points Are Near LI 2 ?

(EX) Baxie Eight Ghosts

  • Issues of the hand - pain, spasm, numbness.
  • Mentioned in the Ling Shu for malaria

(EX) Luozhen Falling Down from Pillow

  • Acute issues of the neck - strain, sprain, whiplash (needle on effected side)

Where Do I Go Next?

List Of Related Points

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