UB 19 - Acupuncture Point - Dan Shu

  • English Name:  Gallbladder Shu
  • Pinyin Name:  Dan Shu
  • Chinese Character:  膽俞
  • Shao Yang level diseases, alternating fever and chills.
  • Main point for damp heat in the Liver and Gall Bladder: hepatitis, cholecystitis, jaundice, vomiting, flank pain and distension, bitter taste in the mouth. Often combined with the LV Shu (UB 18).
  • UB 17 & UB 19 are classcially known as the "Four Flowers," useful for tonifying the Blood.
  • Pain along the GB meridian (sides of the body) from any etiology, intercostal neuralgia, rib pain, trauma, herpes zoster.
  • Gall Bladder related emotional issues: indecision, timidity.

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The (UB) Urinary Bladder Meridian has 67 points:

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