The HT Meridian - Functions Chart

The HT Meridian

Below you will find clinical usage information for all points along the (HT) Heart Meridian . You may click on a specific acupuncture point for more detailed information including the location, clinical usages, and related patterns and conditions.

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There Are 9 Points Along The (HT) Heart Meridian ...

The HT Meridian Functions Chart

HT 1 Highest Spring

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  • Regulate Qi flow from the torso to the arm and vice versa - cold, numbness, pain in shoulder a/or arm.
  • Pain in the cardiac region - heart pain, chest pain, shortness of breath, anxiety, palpitations.
  • Frozen shoulder.
  • Pain a/or distention of the upper thoracic area.

HT 2 Cyan Spirit

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  • Local point - in many classics needling this point is contraindicated.  Moxabustion, however, is applicable.
  • Pain in the shoulder or arm.
  • Pain in the lateral chest and/or hypochondriac regions.

HT 3 Lesser Sea

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  • Pain, numbness, tremors, etc. of the lower arms a/or hands - Parkinson's, stroke.
  • Good local point to move the Qi and Blood.
  • Spirit disorders from phlegm a/or heat etiologies - epilepsy, depression, anxiety, nervousness, poor memory, fuzzy thinking.
  • Water Point - redness of the eyes, mouth ulcerations.

HT 4 Spirit Pathway

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  • Sudden loss of voice.
  • Restless Zang Disorder (fluctuating emotions, mania, depression, anxiety, insomnia), various emotional disturbances.
  • Chest pain that perhaps worsens with emotional distress.
  • Local point for pain in the elbow and/or arm.

HT 5 Connecting Li

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  • Speech a/or vocal disorders - aphasia (post-stroke), stiff tongue, stuttering, sudden loss of voice, sore throat.
  • Spirit disorders and related physical manifestations, anxiety w/palpitations, arrhythmia, nervousness, depression - although the point is generally not used for emotional disorders involving sleep such as insomnia, HT 7 is used more often for these more "physical" manifestations.
  • Excessive bleeding w/ menstruation from heat in the Blood.
  • Heat effecting the SI and leading to urinary symptoms - incontinence, enuresis.
  • Local point for wrist, elbow and/or hand pain - perhaps more so for weakness than simple pain.

HT 6 Yin Cleft

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  • Night sweats, Steaming Bone Disorders, tonify Yin and Blood.  Often used with SI 3 for nightsweats.
  • Acute chest and/or heart pain from Blood stasis.  Palpitations, although HT 5 may be better.
  • Acute emotional disturbances - mania, anxiety, shock, sudden loss of voice.
  • Counterflow qi - panic attacks, vomiting blood, nosebleeds.

HT 7 Spirit Gate

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  • Tonify deficiencies of the HT Qi, Blood, Yin and Yang.
  • Emotional issues, especially those with related sleep or thinking manifestations - insomnia, muddled thinking.
  • Heart and Phlegm fire leading to insomnia, anxiety, mania.
  • Physical responses to emotional stimuli - anxiety w/palpitations, nausea w/panic a/or fear.
  • Heart palpitations from any etiology as well as irregular heart beat, pounding heart, angina.
  • Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Emotional/Psychological issues, w/PC 7 for sweat problems (too much or too little).

HT 8 Lesser Mansion

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  • HT Fire effecting the SI effecting the UB, heat descending to the lower jiao - incontinence, difficult urination, fungal infections, genital itching.
  • Channel issues, sore throat, tongue stiffness, pain along the ulnar aspect of the arms.
  • Heart Qi Deficiency - palpitations, fear, hot palms.
  • Emotional disorders - although PC 8 may be a better choice.
  • HT Fire effecting the mouth - ulcers, canker sores, etc. - although PC 7 or PC 8 may be a better choice.
  • Local point for arm pain, elbow pain, and/or pain in the pinky finger.

HT 9 Lesser Surge

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  • Jing Well Point - clear heat a/or obstruction from the opposite end of the channel, eye pain a/or redness, mouth ulcerations, sores.
  • Can be bled or needled for emotional disturbances - strong restlessness, anxiety, panic attacks, manic depression, epilepsy, etc.
  • Restore consciousness - heart attack, stroke.
  • Emergency heart attack point - strong stimulation.
  • Fullness below the heart - stagnation, pain a/or distention in the HT area.

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