Names Of Dahe

KD 12 Acupuncture Point

  • English Name: Great Manifestation
  • Pinyin Name: Dahe
  • Chinese Character: 大赫
Meridian Information

Where Is KD 12 ?

KD 12 Location

  • 4 cun below CV 8, .5 cun lateral to CV 3.
  • For point location tips, read our meridian notes; unsure about "cun" measurements, read what is a cun?.

What Is KD 12 Used For?

KD 12 Clinical Usages

  • KD 11, KD 12, KD 13, KD 14 & KD 15 all intersect the Chong Mai and are useful as local points for abdominal a/or gynecological issues

There Are 27 Points Along The (KD) Kidney Meridian ...

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How Is KD 12 Categorized?

KD 12 Acupuncture Point Associations

  • Intersection Point of the KD & Chong Mai Meridians

What Conditions May Use KD 12 ?

What Points Are Near KD 12 ?

CV 3 Central Pole

  • Generally useful for Excess-Type Genito-urinary disorders.
  • Urinary disorders from excess heat, stagnation a/or dampness - cystitis, dark/burning/urgent/frequent urination, retention of urine.
  • Main point for damp-heat in the genital area - genital itching w/sensation of heat, rashes, genital herpes, impotence, seminal emission.
  • Yin excess accumulations - masses below the umbilicus, cold lower abdomen.
  • Moving and cooling point for Gynecological disorders - dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, fibroids, leukorrhea, uterine bleeding, uterine prolapse.
  • Running Piglet Disorder.  

ST 29 Return

  • Excess or Cold/Deficient disorders of the Lower Warmer - amenorrhea, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, qi stagnation/masses, leukorrhea.
  • Uterine prolapse, hernia.
  • Infertility, genital pain and/or swelling, impotence, seminal emission.
  • Running Piglet Disorder.

SP 13 Bowel Abode

  • Abdominal pain, abdominal masses (fibroids, cysts, etc.), hernia, thigh pain - regulates the liver, qi, and alleviates pain.

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