The SI Meridian - Functions Chart

The SI Meridian

Below you will find clinical usage information for all points along the (SI) Small Intestine Meridian . You may click on a specific acupuncture point for more detailed information including the location, clinical usages, and related patterns and conditions.

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There Are 19 Points Along The (SI) Small Intestine Meridian ...

The SI Meridian Functions Chart

SI 1 Lesser Marsh

  • Breast disorders of any etiology, insufficient lactation, mastitis, breast abscess, cysts.
  • Jing Well Point, clear heat from the opposite end of the channel, for eye redness, earache, tinnitus, sore throat, stiff tongue.
  • Headache, dizziness, loss of consciousness.
  • Local point for problems of the little finger and the course of the channel - pain and/or weakness of the arm and/or shoulder.  

SI 2 Front Valley

  • Local point for pain, swelling, numbness of the fingers.  As the water point it will remove heat - febrile disease, hot palms, darker urine.
  • Clear heat from the opposite end of the channel, tinnitus, headache, sore throat, neck, ear and/or eye pain and/or swelling.  

SI 3 Back Ravine

  • Master Point of the GV, effects entire pathway.
  • Pain in the scapula, arm a/or hand combine with local points.
  • Stiff neck, cervical strain/sprain, pain of the back or neck.
  • Occipital headaches, combine with local points.
  • Night sweats, combine with HT 6.
  • Clears heat and excess from the head, ears and eyes, eye redness, inflammation, visual dizziness, earache, tinnitus, sore throat.
  • Calms the spirit, anxiety, manic depression.  

SI 4 Wrist Bone

  • Local point for shoulder, arm, hand and wrist problems particularly along the course of the meridian.
  • Useful point to treat problems with all fingers - contracture, pain, swelling, stiffness.
  • Headache, neck pain.
  • Jaundice.  

SI 5 Yang Valley

  • Local point for the hand and wrist.
  • Neck and shoulder pain and/or swelling.
  • Toothache, lockjaw.
  • Clears heat from the hearts - calms the spirit, manic behavior.  

SI 6 Nursing the Aged

  • Acute and Severe Pain, in the neck, shoulder a/or arms.
  • Useful point for treating elderly patients, deafness, tinnitus, failing vision, upper body/limb stiffness.
  • Overwork a/or overstrain, fatigue in the extremities.  

SI 7 Branch to the Correct

  • Local point for pain and/or strength/control issues in the elbow, arm, and fingers.  May be helpful for weakness of all the limbs as well.
  • Stiff neck, headaches, vision issues - blurry, obstructed.
  • Useful with onset of exterior wind-heat conditions such as colds/flus that start with neck and/or back pain.
  • Calms the spirit - manic behavior, anxiety, panic attacks, fear.  

SI 8 Small Sea

  • Elbow problems, swelling, trembling, pain, numbness, weakness - channel issues with excess wind a/or heat.
  • Submandibular region swelling or pain, toothache, gums, cheek, neck, scapula, axilla.
  • Epilepsy  

SI 9 True Shoulder

  • Local point for shoulder and arm pain and/or movement/control issues.  Motor control issues of the hand.
  • Wind-heat invasion - chills and fever from the common cold.
  • Tinnitus, deafness.  

SI 10 Upper Arm Shu

  • Local point for shoulder and upper arm pain, swelling and/or weakness.
  • Wind-heat, wind-cold - chills and fever.  

SI 11 Celestial Gathering

  • Breast problems, mastitis, insufficient lactation, breast pain.
  • Emotional issues, anxiety that presents with asthma, expands and relaxes the chest, asthma generally.
  • Local point for channel pain within the shoulder, scapula region, elbow, arm, face and jaw.  

SI 12 Grasping the Wind

  • Local point for shoulder, scapula and/or arm pain, numbness, weakness along the course of the channel.  

SI 13 Crooked Wall

  • Local point for shoulder and/or scapular region pain, weakness and/or stiffness.  Useful for chronic shoulder problems.  

SI 14 Outer Shoulder Shu

  • Local point for shoulder and scapular region pain.
  • Neck pain and/or rotation issues, and pain of the upper back.  

SI 15 Central Shoulder Shu

  • Asthma, cough, coughing up of blood (hemoptysis).
  • Local point for shoulder, neck and/or upper back pain.  

SI 16 Celestial Windows

  • Both SI 16 & SI 17 are Window of the Sky Points and are useful for throat distention, swelling, goiters, lumps in neck a/or throat, voice issues.
  • Ear issues - tinnitus, deafness, pain.
  • Local point for neck and/or shoulder problems.
  • Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Used to effect the circulation within the vertebral artery and the occipital artery.  Useful for occipital headache, alzheimer's, brain tumors, dyslexia, MS, and many brain issues related to circulation. Often used with Tian Dong as a starting point. 
  • Falls into the category of Window of the Sky points within the Tam Healing system.  

SI 17 Celestial Countenance

  • Both SI 16 & SI 17 are Window of the Sky Points and are useful for throat distention, swelling, goiters, lumps in neck a/or throat.
  • Chest oppression, wheezing, cough, asthma.
  • Ear issues - tinnitus, deafness.
  • Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Used to effect the circulation to the brain, and the facial nerves.  Useful for facial issues such as TMJ, gum problems, etc. Also used with headaches, hearing issues, dizziness and/or high blood pressure. 
  • Falls into the category of Window of the Sky points within the Tam Healing system.  

SI 18 Cheek Bone Hole

  • Local point for facial disorders, Bell's palsy, trigeminal neuralgia, spasm, twitching of the eyelids, facial muscles, etc..
  • Upper jaw tootache.
  • Yellowing of the sclera.  

SI 19 Auditory Palace

  • Ear problems of any etiology, inflammation, deafness, tinnitus, hearing loss.
  • TMJ, toothache.
  • Calms the spirit - manic behavior, epilepsy, sensation of pressure below the heart.  

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